Monday, August 31, 2009

Challenges Schmallenges

Mike and I are doing another one of our infamous (or absolutely unknown) challenges. This one is a contest just between us, but since the prize (for me) is a day at the spa and I certainly can't do that alone, I thought I would tell you all to challenge your husbands to a contest with a spa day as a prize and then beat their socks off so we can all go to the spa together.

I don't know what your contest could be--I'm thinking arm wrestling is out for me, as well as any contests involving math, or even racing-- just make sure you can beat him and the spa day has to be sometime after Thanksgiving, because that is when our contest ends.

The rules of our contest:

1. 1 point everyday of the week for 30 min. of exercise. (Going to church counts for exercise on Sunday. I look at it two ways: First, it's an exercise of faith and second, it's a workout to "sit" through sacrament with children)
2. 1 point everyday for 5 min. of scripture study/reading
3. 1 point everyday, except Sunday, for not eating a treat. Because Sunday is an eat-a-treat day. I had to argue heatedly for this. Mike kept saying that he should be able to earn bonus points for not eating a treat on Sunday. I said "Heck no." So a total of 20 points a week are available. Plus 20 is such a nice even number, unlike say, 21. Also, we determined you can get negative points. So if you eat one dessert that's a loss of 1 point, and if you decide to eat another that's another point loss.
Throw down the gauntlet--challenge your hubbies and join me in Nov. for my spa day. Mike doesn't really want a spa day so if he wins I think he's going to buy some huge computer monitor. But, he's not going to win. I am.


Amber Chappell said...

Tyson and I started a similar challenge about a month ago. The goal was to lose 10% of our body weights. I have lost all of 2 pounds, obviously not anywhere near 10% of my body weight, which even someone who doesn't know much about math could probably figure out. Tyson on the other hand has lost 20 pounds and only has a few pounds to go. I'm proud of him but it kind of sucks to feel like such a loser! So enjoy your spa day but don't plan on me....unless I pony up some big bucks for some serious liposuction!

Rachel Sue said...

I should do this. Just as incentive for me to lose weight. Although the spa day doesn't sound too bad. . .

Kandice said...

ok steph. Spencer and I are using your rules. However, since I would rather have clothes than a day at the spa, our prize is $100 to spend. The hard part for me will be cutting out treats!!!!! The upside is, that when I lose weight, running will be a little easier.

BTW what is wrong with your foot?