Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lava Hot Springs Fun

On Friday, when Mike got off of work we drove up to Lava with Mike's family. We camped at a nice grass campground just a few minutes away from Lava.

Kenzie and Hannah were so excited to see their cousins. We ate late hobo dinners and then had smores (fitting in with my new camping motto). Kenzie started to get pouty and said, "I want to go to bed." We happily obliged and sent them off to bed. After they were asleep we sat around the fire and played "Good thing, bad thing" and ended up laughing our heads off about a goat with venereal disease. And how "It turns out the youngest son didn't even like cheese." Because that's what you get when you tell group stories. Then we played mafia, where Scott and I dominated as the Sheriffs for one round and the killer Mike was brought to justice.

The next morning the guys headed out for some golfing. We got up right after they did and pretended we weren't bitter to be left all morning to entertain the children. The kids were so funny. It was freezing, but they really wanted to put their swim suits on, so we let them put them on over their clothes. They looked great.

When the guys got back Mike said something about taking up golf. I'm afraid I did not react well. Perhaps he'll have to talk about it when I'm not surviving on 5 hours of sleep. We took down the tents and headed to Lava.

We had so much fun at Lava (see above). It was nice and sunny after a cloudy morning. It did get freezing when the wind blew, but the water was great. We spent the whole day switching off with the kids, riding the slides and jumping off the highest diving platform. Kenzie even rode one of the slides by herself. We had to drag the girls from the water at the end of the day, even though their lips were turning blue. Good times!

Here's my scrapblog (I love that program. Love it).

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