Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping Can be Fun (again)

This is the month of camping. We planned a camping trip last weekend (August 7-8) with my family. We thought we would be smart this year and reserve a campsite instead of repeating last year's brain lapse. (Repeat Note to Self: Cell phones do not work in Logan canyon and if your spot isn't reserved you better arrive on Thursday)

So I tried to reserve a campsite, but they said they had nothing. This should have warned me off. But, they only reserve so many spots and leave the others open for walk-ins and Alisha and Dustin live close to the canyon now and they said they would drive up early and get us a spot. Thursday, it was soggy. Friday the forecast called for thunderstorms. I

enjoy the patter patter of raindrops on my snug and cozy tent, but I do not enjoy the idea of being struck by lightening as I try to construct the tent in a lightening storm. I can totally envision myself holding up one of the tent poles, as it's whipped around in the air, stupidly forgetting that lightening rods are similar to tent poles. So I called it off. No camping trip, although the skies were sunny and blue.

Alisha and I kept calling each other, looking at the dropping chance of rain on the forecast and seeing the clear blue skies. Mike kept saying, "I am a human barometer. It's going to rain. As long as we both know that. It's going to rain." Finally we decided we would risk it. By that time it was late. We left at about 4:30ish and went up the canyon in almost an exact repeat of last year's search. My parents followed us all the way to Tony Grove (a lovely lake with beautiful camping spots), our predesignated meeting spot with Alisha and Dustin. We drove around the sites 3 times, looking like camping wannabees, and did not find Alisha and Dustin. We had no idea where they would be and with no cell phone reception we were about ready to head home. When we got to the turn off, Alisha was waiting for us, telling us our lovely, secluded spot next to the highway in Bridger campground was waiting patiently. Just like last year. We decided that we will reserve a campsite EARLY next year.

So we drove back down the canyon, set up camp right across from last year's spot and cooked up some hobo dinners and cobbler. Dustin made the cobbler and it was almost as good as a smore. I did still have to break out the smores after though. Because you can't go camping without eating a smore. This is my new motto: "No camping unless smores are present."

The next morning, it rained. And rained. And rained some more. So we gathered up everything but the tents and headed to Alisha and Dustin's for an egg and pancake breakfast. Shaelynn met us there and proceeded to entertain the children and teach me that I can pretend that my hair is curly by scrunching gel in it and not drying it. It's my new favorite style. And now I present to you really bad pictures:

Mike, Hannah and Mom enjoying our hobo dinners.

Grandpa and Hannah reading a story in Alisha and Dustin's apartment.

Here I was going to post an unflattering picture of Shaelynn and my mom, just to show you all that I am not the only one in this family that looks slightly reminiscent of mustachiod dictators. But I think I just vowed to be a nicer person. So I'm refraining.

This is a picture of the girls playing on the stairs at Alisha and Dustin's. Hannah and Kenzie love Sophie! And I think she had a great time too.

Eventually Mike, Dustin and my dad headed back up to get the tents. Good job men!

Now we're off for more camp-tacular adventures this weekend. Wish me sleep.

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